Cellulite Therapy

Cellulite Treatment at Preston Wynne Luxury Day Spa

Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction and Slimming with The Wave 4 Machine

No “rapid inch loss” gimmick, the Wave4 body transformation picks up where diet and exercise leave off. Non-invasive, safe and completely natural, this state of the art machine uses patented technology to treat the skin and underlying muscle during an enjoyable and energizing session. This new device includes ultrasound and infrared for maximum fat metabolism. Depending on the severity of the cellulite condition (which ranges from soft to nodular) a series of between 10-18 treatments delivers measurable, gratifying results. For women, the problem areas of hips, thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen respond beautifully to the treatment. The Wave4 is extremely beneficial for body imbalances that happen in the 40’s and beyond. Our clients have experienced inch loss, improved definition, cellulite reduction, and even weight loss from the program.

The skill and knowledge of the body therapist is essential to your success; at Preston Wynne, only licensed massage therapists perform the treatment. After you complete your program, you can help maintain results with monthly or biweekly treatments.

We will be happy to consult with you about your body transformation goals. Just schedule a Complimentary Personal Path consultation.

Individual Wave4 Session – $165
Series of 10 – $1534.50

The Jumpstart Package for Body Transformation

Ready to make a change? This inspiring starter package is designed to enhance health and body image while rapidly revitalizing skin and muscle tone. The Jumpstart is a first, giant step toward total personal transformation. To reach your goals, it’s essential to continue with a full Wave4 series and Body Contour Treatments.

Your program includes:

  • A private Personal Path Consultation to define your body transformation goals
  • Three Wave4 sessions for body contouring and cellulite reduction. Our therapists follow precise and highly effective protocols.
  • One Revitalizing Ocean Glow body treatment to exfoliate your skin, stimulate circulation and waste removal, and improve epidermal penetration of home care formulas
  • Two full body Detoxifying Seaweed Wraps which is rich in calcium and magnesium, helps eliminate excess fluids.
  • Your home care regimen is a critical element of body transformation.

Your Program includes a full Jumpstart Home Care Kit with the remarkable, detoxifying AcquaCures Refirming Body Crème, Vitamin Milk, Contour Slenderizing Anti-Cellulite Formula, Inner Balance Formula and a natural bristle Body Brush!(Your Complete Jumpstart Package $1149.95) purchase a gift certificate.


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