Facial Treatments

Relaxing Facial Treatments at Preston Wynne Luxury Day Spa

Relaxing Facial Treatments at Saratoga’s Preston Wynne Day Spa

Results-oriented skin care is our passion. During your first facial treatment,  we’ll conduct a thorough dermal analysis and help you select the perfect treatment for your needs and preferences.  We want you to “Spa Your Way”: Benefit Boosters can be added to virtually any treatment to create the facial of your dreams.

All facials feature advanced technology boosters, including using a patented hydration sensor, ultrasonic waves, and microcurrent action for the ultimate facial! Ultrasonic exfoliation deep cleanses, utilizing high-speed oscillations. Microcurrent provides superior penetration of serums and creams for maximum effectiveness.  Beneficial for all skin types.

To make our facial treatments extra relaxing, we:

  • Use luxurious warming pads on each treatment table
  • Provide a moisturizing hand treatment and a relaxing facial, neck and shoulder massage in most protocols
  • Include complimentary changing and setup time with each facial, so you and your esthetician are not rushed.
  • Signature Facials

    Classic Spa Facial 

    Gentle luxurious facial with hand crafted certified organic plant-based ingredients. Full session. 50 minutes $120; 80 minutes $170 

    Express Facials 

    Selection includes AcquaRose Facial ($90), Express Cleanse, or Teen Express Facial with High Frequency Boost. 45 min $85 

    Purifying Back Treatment 

    Clarifying and Hydrating treatment for the area you can’t reach yourself! Includes Exfoliation, Extractions, Refining Mask and Nourishing Moisturizer. 60 min $160 

    Custom Facials

    Customize your facial to meet your skin’s individual needs by choosing one of our Custom Facial options.  

    AcquaRose Glycolic Facial

    Smooth and soften skin with fragrant Rose Glycolic exfoliation. A gentle yet effective blend of Rose extract, Jojoba beads and Glycolic polishes and purifies to give a luminous and radiant effect!  

    • 50 Minutes $150.00  
    • 80 Minutes $205.00  

    Cranberry Facial  

    Our wildly popular botanical peel dissolves the top layer of debris and refines skin texture, leaving skin bright and smooth. This peel can be performed in between more aggressive corrective skin peels and works well on even sensitive skin. Enjoy it as a full facial treatment or as a booster to your favorite facial.  

    • 50 Minutes $150.00  
    • 80 Minutes $205.00  

    Collagen Facial

    There’s dry and then there’s dry. The purpose of this treatment is to intensively rehydrate dry, dehydrated, or sun damaged skin. Our soothing collagen blanket is super-hydrating and amazing for even chronically dry skin. The frequent flyer’s best friend.  

    • 50 Minutes $150.00  
    • 80 Minutes $205.00  

    Anti-Oxidant Facial  

    Troublemaking free radicals created by UV light an pollutants will prematurely age your skin. We use an intense infusion of Vitamin C to slow down skin aging and strengthen collagen fibers and capillaries. This is a healing treatment designed for irritations and sun damage and for dehydrated and sensitive skin.  

    • 50 Minutes $150.00  
    • 80 Minutes $205.00  

    Blueberry Smoothie Facial  

    An amazing, chirally correct blend of blueberries and L-lactic acid along with an exfoliating scrub leave the skin looking and feeling refreshed and brighter while imparting antioxidants to fight and repair free radical damage.  

    • 50 Minutes $150.00  
    • 80 Minutes $205.00  

    Cosmedix One Layer Peel  

    Choose from: *Pomegranate Peel – Exfoliating, hydrating, safe for pregnant and lactating clients. *Benefit Peel – Nourishing and gentle. A good first time peel for sensitive skin types and Rosacea. *Purity Peel – Good for all grades of acne, combo/oily skin and enlarged pores.  

    • 50 Minutes $150.00  
    • 80 Minutes $205.00 

    Specialty Facials

    See advanced results with our Osmosis and Cosmedix lines of advanced facial treatments. These specialty treatments offer exceptional benefits for your skin’s health and appearance! 

    Osmosis Purifying Facial 

    For oily, irritated, congested and acne prone skin, this treatment will help normalize oil production, improve the skin’s immune function, hydrate and balance while calming inflammation. The result is a more balanced, softer, smoother, more clear complexion. 

    • 50 Minutes $175.00
    • 80 Minutes $225.00

    Osmosis Brightening Facial 

    This treatment will lighten and brighten irregular pigment in the skin, improving discoloration, tone, and clarity. A great facial to enhance and support homecare designed to heal pigmentation in the skin. 

    • 50 Minutes $175.00
    • 80 Minutes $225.00

    Osmosis Restorative Facial 

    For compromised, weak, or overly stressed skin, our restorative treatment will build and reinforce barrier function, structural integrity, encourage and support new collagen, elastin, and skin cell growth. The result is a more youthful, thicker, more supple and resilient skin. 

    • 50 Minutes $175.00 
    • 80 Minutes $225.00

    Cosmedix Berry Intense Facial 

    This seamless treatment provides the exfoliation of lactic acid with potent hydration and antioxidant benefits. Treatment can be adjusted depending on client’s sensitivity level. 

    • 50 Minutes $175.00 
    • 80 Minutes $225.00

    Cosmedix Two Layer Peel 

    • 50 Minutes $175.00
    • 80 Minutes $225.00

    Clinical Facials 

    If you’re committed to dramatically transforming your skin, these skin smoothing, medical strength treatments are the answer.  

    Microdermabrasion Facial  

    This treatment removes dead skin through superficial polishing with aluminum oxide crystals. It smooths skin texture and works to correct acne (not active), fine wrinkles, sun damage, and brown spots. Best received as a series of 6 treatments.  

    • 50 Minutes $195.00  

    Three Layer Peel  

    • 50 Minutes $195.00  

    Facial Boosters & Enhancements 

    Fabulous fixes to revitalize and relax. Available with the facial treatment of your choice.

    Facial Enhancements

    • Cranberry enzyme $30
    • Blueberry enzyme $30
    • Pomegranate enzyme $30
    • Collagen Mask. $30
    • Caviar Ampoule $20 

    Benefit Boosters

    • Eye & Lip Treatment $40
    • Purifying Deep Pore Session $40
    • Decollette Treatment $40
    • Infusion Peel. $40 

    Advanced Booster Treatments 

    • RevitaBoost Decollete $50 (15 min)
    • RevitaBoost Hand $50 (15 min)
    • RevitaBright $75 (30 min)
    • RevitaLuxe Eye & Lip $75 (30 min)
    • NuFace LED Collagen $75 (30 min)
    • NuFace Microcurrent Toning $75 (30 min)


    Revita-Pen Treatments

    Revital Renewal Treatment

    75 min. $225 

    Optimal Skin Restoration Treatment

    Gentle exfoliation & hydration boost. Diminish fine lines, pigmentation, improves skin texture and tone using the Specialty RevitaPen to activate optimal skin renewal. 

    Revita-Infusion Treatment 

    Gentle, non-acid Vitamin A peel infused with RevitaPen treatment.  

    Gentle exfoliation. Boosts collagen & elastin production. Firms and tones, while diminishing hyper-pigmentation. 45 min/$195 

    Anti-Aging Facials and Peels

    • Timeless Peel 50 min/$215
    • NuFace Uplifting Facial  50 min/$215
    • NuFace Firming Contour Facial 80 min/$255 



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