Our Award-Winning Massage Therapy

Award Winning Massage Therapy at Preston Wynne Luxury Day Spa

Saratoga’s Preston Wynne Day Spa offers rejuvenating oil, deep tissue, warm stone, pregnancy & herbal massage treatments.

Relax in Saratoga’s luxury day spa with one of our award-winning massage treatments. Our massage program has been lauded as the Best in Silicon Valley.

Warm Rose Massage

This beautifully presented treatment delivers superb sensory therapy for high-stress individuals in need of self-nurturing.  Essential oil of rose opens the heart chakra and counteracts the effects of adrenal overload and overwork, as warm oil eases tight muscles. Tip: Begin with a Balneotherapy soak for ultimate stress relief. (60/75/90 minute treatment, $125/$155/$180)

* Deep Tissue Warm Rose Massage for a deeper, therapeutic, relaxing treatment (60/75/90 minute treatment, $146/$181/$208)

Motherhood Massage

Our certified pregnancy massage specialists provide a treatment expressly created to support and nurture the mother-to-be and new mother. Special techniques and positioning using a side lying positioning system ensures complete relaxation and comfort even late in pregnancy. Enhances the well being of mother and child. Recommended after the first trimester. Side-lying or body cushion system available. (60/75 minute treatment, $125/$150)

Aromatic Classic Spa Massage

This blend of classical Swedish bodywork techniques is designed for utter relaxation. Choose your favorite signature Aromatic essence blend to enhance the soothing effects of gentle-to-medium pressure bodywork.  (60/75/90 minute treatment, $110/$135/$160)

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is ideal for stubborn or chronic conditions, including postural problems and many repetitive-use issues. Firm pressure is used throughout the session and deep work is performed in areas of special need. Most effective in 75 to 90 minute increments, and best results for chronic issues occur with a series of treatments. (60/75/90 minute treatment, $135/$160/$185)

Earth Elements Warm Stone Massage

This deeply grounding Native American treatment is excellent for stress, anxiety, and nervous fatigue. Our heated stone massage with warm herbal oil soothes your entire body. Authentic La Stone Massage is also available through our Masterwork program. (90 minutes, $180)

Stress Zone Massage/Deep Tissue Stress Zone Massage

This streamlined session is designed to relieve tension and stress in the areas where it accumulates: the neck, shoulders, back and feet. You’ll emerge renewed and relaxed.   (45 min, $88, Deep Tissue $98)

Bespoke Massage

It’s all about you. This totally personalized bodywork session can include a blend of modalities-a bit of hot stone massage for your feet, perhaps, with some deep work on your shoulders? Warm seaweed pack to soften a problem area? Have it your way. (90 minute treatment, $190)

Lomi-Lomi Massage

Traditional Hawaiian massage using breath work, long gliding forearm strokes, stretching, and nurturing movements. (60/75/90 minute treatments, $121/$150/$176

Enhance Your Spa Massage Experience

Balneotherapy (Bath Cure)

Combine any massage or Body treatment with an aromatic “bath cure” and enjoy a tranquil soak in our deep jetted tub. For individuals or pairs. (With any massage, 15/30 min, $40/$60)

Duetto Treatment Suite – Share a massage session with someone you love!

Couples massage in the Duetto Suite is always popular; be sure to request this special suite when scheduling!  No additional charge. Read more about our couples massage options.

Arnica and Menthol Leg and Foot Release: available with any massage

A wonderful remedy for tightness, pain, and aching in the feet and legs. Anti-inflammatory, fluid-reducing Arnica, in combination with massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, relaxes and detoxifies aching muscles.  Perfect after workout or competition. A great antidote to chronic muscle pain, leg-cramping travel or just being on your feet all day. (With any massage, 30 min $55)

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy

Sauna Therapy Detox

Our full-spectrum infrared sauna uses a proprietary Solo-Carbon generator to create deep-penetrating gentle heat. Full-spectrum sauna therapy improves circulation, relieves pain, decreases stress, relaxes muscles, detoxifies, and aids in weight loss. Sauna Therapy is provided with pre-programmed settings, designed specifically for the benefits you seek.
30 minutes. $50 single/$55 double, a la carte. With any spa services, $40 single/$45 double.
45 minutes. $60 single/$65 double, a la carte. With any spa services, $50 single/$55 double

Reiki Healing with Sauna Therapy

A Karuna Reiki Healing Session is followed by 30 minutes of sauna therapy for stress and pain relief. Whenever possible, we suggest finishing with at least 15 minutes in our Relaxation Areas (on a space available basis).
90 minutes, $174.

Customize Your Massage or Body Treatment

We invite you to create the perfect massage or body treatment with these Benefit Boosters. 15 minutes, $35.00 each

Warm Stone Foot Release

Extra TLC for tense or tired feet. Experience the unique sensation of warm stones used along pressure points of the feet, feels utterly delicious!

Tech Support

Our Tech Support enhancement is designed to ease strain on hands, arms and shoulders due to repetitive motion. Massage is concentrated on strategic pressure points and muscles to alleviate pain associated with persistent movement.

Warm Stone Neck and Shoulder Release

Magically eases tense muscles and makes your massage session feel ultra-luxurious. Warm stones melt away tension in the neck and shoulder area as we use special techniques to release upper body tension.

Scalp Tension Tamer

This soothing scalp massage with relaxing lavender aromatherapy release the myriad muscles of the head and scalp. Great for tension headaches.

TMJ Relief

An integrative technique that includes trigger point releases for stubborn neck, jaw, and facial tension that cause pain and headaches.

Warm Seaweed Back Pack

This warm, moist aroma therapeutic seaweed back pack provides concentrated relief for sore, tired muscles. Combined with the analgesic properties of Relief Gel and covered with warm towels, it aids in further relaxing the entire back and shoulder muscles.  Includes a relaxing foot massage.

Dry Body Brushing

Dry brushing the skin stimulates circulation, which can act as an energy pick me up. Dry Brushing is an ancient practice designed to clear the body of toxins. People who practice body brushing exclaim over the renewed glow, suppleness, vitality, and softness of their skin.

Sole Soother

If you never get enough foot massage, this one’s for you! A deeply relaxing, delicious pressure point treatment that relaxes and revives the entire body.

The distinctive massage experience at Preston Wynne combines the expertise of our staff with the relaxation of our setting. Enjoy our private garden loggia before or after your treatment, along with tea, fresh fruit and healthy snacks. The quaint, historic village of Saratoga is a perfect getaway to combine with a relaxing and therapeutic massage. Convenient free parking behind our shopping center keeps your spa visit low-stress.

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