The Personal Path Programs

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The Jumpstart Package for Body Transformation – $1149.95

Ready to make a change? This package is aimed at getting our bodies ready for warmer weather and swimsuit season! This inspiring starter package is designed to enhance health and body image while rapidly revitalizing skin and muscle tone. The Jumpstart is a first, giant step toward total personal transformation. To reach your goals, it’s essential to continue with a full Wave 4 series and Body Contour Treatments.

Your program includes:

  • A private Personal Path Consultation to define your body transformation goals
  • Three Wave 4 sessions for body contouring and cellulite reduction.
    Our therapists follow precise and highly effective protocols.
  • One Revitalizing Ocean Glow body treatment to exfoliate your skin, stimulate circulation and waste removal, and improve epidermal penetration of home care formulas
  • Two Detoxifying Sea Mineral Wrap sessions to purge excess fluid, shape and slim difficult areas
  • Your home care regimen is a critical element of body transformation.

Your Program includes a full Jumpstart Home Care Kit with the remarkable, detoxifying AcquaCures Refirming Body Crème, Vitamin Milk, Contour Slenderizing Anti-Cellulite Formula, a bottle of Inner Balance Supplements, and a natural bristle Body Brush!

The Bridal Path

Preparing for a wedding? This wonderful life passage is the perfect time to transform your skin and body with wellness-enhancing, stress-reducing treatments and rituals. Planning a wedding is notoriously stressful. Don’t forget to include the groom and your wedding party members, too—there’s nothing like massage therapy to dissolve pre-wedding stress and ensure a wonderful day.

  • Get your hands and feet into picture-perfect condition with a program of natural manicures and pedicures
  • Relieve pre-wedding stress with massage therapy
  • Achieve beautiful skin with a series of facial treatments or transform it completely with a Cosmedix Peel program
  • Our artists will design the perfect Bridal Makeup for your big day and wedding photography sessions
  • Get smooth and satiny for revealing gowns with an Organic Sugar Scrub
  • Get sheath-dress sleek with a series of Wave 4 treatments to contour, firm and condition the body, especially problem areas that defy spot toning
  • Sculpt your silhouette with Detoxifying Sea Mineral Wrap that uses the power of seaweed to tone, detox and firm

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