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Safe and Sane Holiday Makeup!

You found the perfect dress. You’ve booked your blowout. Now to come up with a makeup look!

First things first: winter dryness and flakiness are accentuated by holiday makeup. If you don’t have time to get to the spa for a facial, give yourself the next best thing: a quick at-home treatment.

World’s fastest facial: Cleanse your face, and apply a layer of Nutrizyme by AcquaCures, which contains  natural papaya and pineapple enzymes–they digest dead skin. After about five minutes, give those enzymes a buzz with your Clarisonic Brush, rinse with warm water, then apply AcquaCures Smooth Masque. Rinse with tepid water and then…the coldest water you can stand…wipe thoroughly and firmly with cotton and toner, which will finish exfoliating your skin. Make sure to get the inner corners of the eyes, which can be flaky in the winter and rarely get exfoliation.

Finish with your favorite moisturizer and eye creme. You’ll be glowing. Apply a tiny bit of makeup primer and away you go!

1. Gleam, don’t glitter. No chunky sparkles, or you’ll look like your seven year old niece. Try our new Illuminator on your cheekbones–subtle sheen opens your eyes and lifts your face.

2. Pile on the lashes. Worried you’ll look like a drag queen? Seek professional help! It’s fast and easy for an expert to get your lashes looking lavish and lovely. Ask for Lavish Lashes at Preston Wynne.

3. “Bedroom” beigey-pink lips are great with smoky eyes. We have some great new “nude-but-not” lip colors and glosses. Getting the color temperature right is important. If you have warm coloring, you’ll need something a little peachier. If you’re a cool girl, be careful of nudes that are too gold. Soft pinks look fresh again.

Craving something spicier? Line your lips with a neutral tone like Natural pencil to reshape lip contour and keep color from feathering, then brush on something sumptuous, like a wine or rich red, or even a deep blue-pink. No hard edges, though! Blot, apply another layer. The slight overlap of the layers will keep the edge from feeling too perfect.

Always start with lips! They can throw off your entire makeup if you apply them last, but putting them on first will dramatically speed up your makeup choices.

Yes, your nails are allowed to match your lipstick, but it’s more fun to do the opposite: red lips with pale gold nails, or beige lips with deep brown-red or mahogany nails.

4. Get your smoky eye look going with our fabulous Creme Liner. You can line with it like a liquid, or smudge it like a pencil, contour with it like a creme shadow. And we’ve got rich, lustrous creme shadows that you can sweep over your lids for a simple but sophisticated look.

If you choose go smoky, please remember to clean up under the eyes with a bit of makeup remover on a Q-tip after you finish your shadow. Then put on your concealer. Smoky eyes accompanied by smoky dark circles is not a good look.

jane iredale snappy brush

These three little brushes link together magnetically. A must for any makeup bag.

5. Warm up your winter complexion with a little bronzer…just a little. It’s not July. And don’t skimp on blush. (Unless you flush when you have a cocktail. Then dial down your cheek color and add a little extra foundation in the center of the face to mute the Red-Wine-Rudolph effect.)

6. Try a gleaming highlight in a soft color around the inner corner of the eye, and under the inside lower lashes. It’s a great way to open your eyes. A pale blue, green, violet or yellow pearl will add drama without darkness. Hint: apply your undereye concealer first, then do this final sweep of color.

7. Dramatic eyes are all about timely touchups!  Jane Iredale has brought out a genius three-in-one “Snappy” brush that is actually three brushes coupled together magnetically. A super-slim angle brush that makes liquid or creme eye-lining effortless, a tapered crease brush, and a compact little brush for smudging pencil.



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