Special Seasonal Spa Packages

The Total Body Detox Package

The change in seasons can be one of the most stressful transitions of the year for our body and mind. If you’re feeling more stressed than usual, you’re not alone.

This totally personalized therapeutic session is a blend of healing and detoxifying spa cures designed to rid your body of toxins and bring you into balance. This body-mind wellness treatment supports “seasonally attuned” energies of clarity, focus, and bringing efforts to fruition.

Begin your purification with a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy session which will help you detoxify on a cellular level using a deeply penetrating yet gentle heat. Full-spectrum sauna therapy also improves circulation, relieves pain, decreases stress, relaxes muscles, and aids in weight loss.

You’ll experience an hour-long customized massage treatment with your choice of purifying essential oil blend. During your session we’ll ease chronic neck and shoulder tension with a warm detox seaweed pack layered over sore, tired upper body muscles. The healing and detoxifying properties of our organic seaweed blend combined with the analgesic and cooling properties of Relief Gel will maximize the softening of muscular tension.  Upon check out you’ll receive a complimentary travel size AquaCures Instant Relief Gel, AquaCures Surecure Bath Ritual, and a bottle of Inner Balance Nightly Supplements to take home and further your detox.

(Package price: $309.50)


The Detox for Two Package

Enjoy our private Duetto Sauna Therapy Suite with Shower

Enjoy a profoundly cleansing sweat in our private Duetto Sauna Therapy Suite with Shower

Begin by enjoying a cleansing, muscle-melting, pain-relieving 45 minute sweat together in our private Infrared Sauna. Next, experience expert bodywork during 75 minute Medley Massages in our couples’ Duetto Suite. Don your cozy spa robes and rehydrate in our lounge or on our Garden Loggia afterward (weather permitting) and savor the profound relaxation that comes from these potent combined body therapies. Preston Wynne Spa is a favorite couples spa thanks to its intimate size and comfortable, relaxed ambience. Upon check out you will receive two complimentary travel size AquaCures Instant Relief Gels to take home for instant soothing muscle relief.

(Package price: $413.00)


Note: For your safety and comfort, please hydrate intensively in the two hours prior to your Sauna Therapy session. You will sweat profusely. Thermal treatments are not indicated for pregnant  women. *Package scheduling subject to room availability*


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