Spa Body Treatments

Preston Wynne Day Spa offers many spa body treatments & therapies.

Full Body Spa Seaweed Wrap at Preston Wynne Luxury Day Spa

These treatments include our luxurious private steam canopy treatment, a shower and a  refreshing application of body product designed to complete the treatment and prolong the benefits. An additional 15 minutes of massage with any body treatment is $35.

Please be advised: Steam, hot water or thermal effects of any kind are contra-indicated during pregnancy.

Revitalizing Ocean Glow 

Can’t decide if you want a body glow or a seaweed body treatment? Now you don’t have to. Experience the double benefits of an exfoliating scrub and remineralizing seaweed in this unique body treatment. Enjoy the steam canopy as you experience a relaxing scalp massage. A finishing massage seals in intensely hydrating sea nutrients, conditioning and nourishing your skin. 75 min $165 

Aromatic Organic Sugar Scrub 

A vigorous full-body exfoliation polishes away dull, dry skin with a blend of organic sugar and exhilarating aromatic oils. Enjoy the steam canopy while savoring a scalp massage, followed by a finishing massage with skin-nourishing emollients. A great way to get a sexy “vacation” glow. A wintertime lifesaver for dry skin. Choose from our array of our custom Wynne Elixirs aromas. 75 min $150 

Detoxifying Sea Mineral Wrap 

A full body seaweed wrap which is rich in calcium and magnesium, helps eliminate excess fluids.  Ideal for reducing muscle soreness & water retention, as well as relieving symptoms of PMS.  Part of our holistic treatment series, it is ideal to have client begin with a complimentary private consultation and figure analysis to determine the best course of treatment. Excellent paired with Sauna Therapy.  – 75 min $165.  Recommended as a series of six. 



Customize Your Spa Body Therapy with our Benefit Boosters

Add these to any massage or body treatment for extra relaxation and results! 15 minutes and just $35.00 each

Warm Stone Foot Release

Extra TLC for tense or tired feet. Experience the unique sensation of warm stones used along pressure points of the feet, feels utterly delicious!

Tech Support

Our Tech Support enhancement is designed to ease strain on arms and hands due to repetitive motion. Massage is concentrated on strategic pressure points and muscles to alleviate pain associated with persistent movement.

Warm Stone Neck and Shoulder Release

Magically eases tense muscles and makes your massage session feel ultra-luxurious. Warm stones melt away tension in the neck & shoulder area while we utilize our specialized massage skills to further release upper body tension.

Lavender Scalp Tension Tamer

This soothing scalp massage with relaxing lavender aromatherapy is perfect for releasing the tensions of the day.

TMJ relief

An integrative technique that includes trigger point releases for stubborn neck, jaw, and facial tension that cause pain and headaches.

Warm Seaweed Back Pack

This warm, moist aroma therapeutic seaweed back pack provides concentrated relief for sore, tired muscles. Combined with the analgesic properties of Relief Gel and covered with warm towels, it aids in further relaxing the entire back and shoulder muscles. Includes a relaxing foot massage.

Sole Soother

If you never get enough foot massage, this one’s for you! A deeply relaxing, delicious pressure point treatment.

Arnica and Menthol Leg & Foot Release…available with any body treatment

A wonderful remedy for tightness, pain, and aching in the feet and legs. Anti-inflammatory, fluid-reducing Arnica, in combination with massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, relaxes and detoxifies aching muscles. Perfect after workout or competition. A great antidote to chronic muscle pain, leg-cramping travel or just being on your feet all day. With any massage, 30 min $60

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy

Sauna Therapy Detox

Our full-spectrum infrared sauna uses a proprietary Solo-Carbon generator to create deep-penetrating gentle heat. Full-spectrum sauna therapy improves circulation, relieves pain, decreases stress, relaxes muscles, detoxifies, and aids in weight loss. Sauna Therapy is provided with pre-programmed settings, designed specifically for the benefits you seek.
30 minutes. $50 single/$55 double, a la carte. With any spa services, $40 single/$45 double.
45 minutes. $60 single/$65 double, a la carte. With any spa services, $50 single/$55 double



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