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Infrared sauna therapy: sweat well soon!

Lauren in Sauna smallStress relief, pain relief, skin purification, detoxification and weight loss: at present, there’s only one way to achieve all this in one healing modality:  full-spectrum sauna therapy. It falls into the category of “feels good and is good for you,” that rarest of things.

Our private Duetto Sauna Suite features a beautiful Sunlighten sauna and its own tower shower with body sprays. The sauna seats two comfortably. (That is, you and someone you know!) We provide chilled towels and super-hydrating, blood-cleansing chlorophyl-infused water. We do strongly recommend power-hydrating in the two hours before your session, as well.

Because of its unique LED technology, the Sunlighten full spectrum sauna does not expose you to extreme heat, but warms you gently and raises your core temperature. This means it does not stress the skin, but gently detoxifies it along with the entire body.

We’ve added an open shower to the suite to make it easy to shower before and after, and to alternate between warm and cool, European-style, which alleviates stress and quiets the mind like little else. This is the perfect prelude to any spa treatment, but it truly is a treatment unto itself.

Beating the “stress hormone.” Scientific evidence shows that infrared sauna therapy helps the body maintain healthy levels of cortisol. While cortisol levels stay the same or rise slightly during a sauna therapy session, they drop immediately afterward. Sunlighten saunas have been clinically shown to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure with regular use.

Clinically proven Detoxification. Researchers have long told us how the body sweats out toxic substances, including heavy metals. As long as you maintain proper hydration, the more you safely sweat, the more toxins you’ll expel from your body.

Sunlighten saunas are seven times more effective than a traditional sauna. These detox saunas use far infrared heat to generate sweats with a toxin ratio of nearly 20%. In traditional saunas, you might get a 3% ratio. Sunlighten utilizes a highly-efficient and proprietary infrared heating technology–the only technology proven to raise core body temperature by two to three degrees. Rather than simply heating the ambient air to draw out toxins, our sauna detox will heat your core to expel them. As a result, regular usage of a Sunlighten sauna detox will provide a truly deep, productive sweat where toxins reside, at the cellular level.

In a study performed by American researchers, the sweat of people using a conventional sauna was found to be 95 to 97% water while the sweat of those using an infrared sauna was 80 to 85% water.

The non-water portion mainly included cholesterol (fat), fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum), sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid, pesticide residues, PCB’s, petroleum-based toxins, chloride and fluoride.

This unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat-soluble toxins was not found in the sweat from normal exercise, either. Your body begins to detoxify when a 10 micron far infrared therapy wave is applied to the body’s large water molecules and the water begins to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms that are holding together the molecules of water. You will detoxify when the vibration continues, breakdown of the water molecules occurs and encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released.

Pain Relief and Pain Management.  A recent Japanese study published in the journal, Internal Medicine, showed that chronic pain patients experienced a significant reduction in pain levels (nearly 70%) after the first session of infrared sauna therapy. Pain scores also decreased significantly and remained low throughout the observation period. Researchers concluded that infrared heat therapy is effective for chronic pain treatment.

A NASA study done by Dr. Whelan with near-infrared heat, determined that LED technology allows for deep penetration of tissue and increased cell growth from the inside. Sunlighten’s mPulse series–with its proprietary Solocarbon® CustomSpectrum™ heating technology–is the only sauna that offers LED-based near infrared heat at this proven level.

Finally, a 2003 study conducted by the Department of Dermatology and Institute of Medical Research showed that use of near-infrared heat therapy helped the production of white blood cells to alleviate inflammation and reduce swelling, two key factors in easing bodily pain. Again, only mPulse’s heating technology is scientifically proven to deliver these types and levels of therapeutic near-infrared wavelengths.

Skin Purification. A study published in The Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy showed significant improvements in skin appearance after just 12 weeks of sauna skin therapy using near-infrared technology. Participants experienced a reduction in wrinkles and crow’s feet, as well as improved overall skin tone, including softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity and firmness. In addition, the detoxification that occurs with sauna therapy has demonstrated great results for problem skin and breakouts.

The only question that remains: when are you going to experience your first session?

Single sessions and series packages are available.



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